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Crane accidents are among the most devastating and life-changing accidents that can occur in New York City. These accidents are typically caused by negligence, either in the design of the crane or its operation.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a crane accident, you should not hesitate to consult with a New York City crane accident lawyer at Keith Silverstein & Associates. Our team has extensive experience in successfully handling crane accident cases, and we are prepared to provide you with the aggressive legal representation you need.

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What is a Crane Accident?

A crane accident refers to an unexpected and often disastrous incident involving cranes, heavy machinery used for lifting and moving heavy loads in construction, manufacturing, and other industries. These accidents can result in property damage, injuries, and sometimes even fatalities.

The common causes of crane accidents include:

  • Operator Error: Mistakes made by the crane operator, such as misjudging the load capacity, improper operation of controls, or lack of training and experience can lead to accidents.
  • Mechanical Failures: Malfunctioning or faulty components, structural defects, or inadequate maintenance of the crane can cause unexpected failures during operations.
  • Overloading: Exceeding the crane's rated capacity by lifting loads heavier than what the crane is designed to handle can lead to tipping or collapse.
  • Poor Weather Conditions: Harsh weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rain, snow, or ice can destabilize the crane and cause accidents.
  • Inadequate Rigging: Incorrect or insufficient rigging of the load can result in load slippage or failure, leading to accidents.
  • Lack of Communication: Miscommunication between the crane operator and ground personnel, spotters, or signal persons can lead to mismanagement and accidents.
  • Site Conditions: Unstable or uneven ground, inadequate crane setup, or improper positioning of the crane can cause instability and accidents.
  • Power Line Contact: Crane booms coming into contact with overhead power lines can lead to electrocution and serious accidents.
  • Human Error during Assembly/Dismantling: Mistakes made during the assembly or dismantling of the crane can result in structural instability and accidents.
  • Inadequate Training and Supervision: Insufficient training of operators or lack of supervision during crane operations can contribute to accidents.
  • Inadequate Safety Protocols: Failure to implement or adhere to proper safety procedures and guidelines can increase the risk of crane accidents.
  • Environmental Factors: Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods, can cause crane accidents in affected areas.

To prevent crane accidents, it is crucial to implement rigorous safety measures, provide proper training to crane operators and ground personnel, conduct regular maintenance and inspections, and adhere to industry-specific regulations and guidelines. Safety should always be a top priority when working with cranes to minimize the risk of accidents and protect workers and bystanders.

Who is at Fault in a Crane Accident?

In a crane accident, liability can potentially fall on several parties depending on the circumstances and factors that led to the accident. Crane accidents can be complex and involve multiple contributing factors.

Here are some of the parties that could be held liable in a crane accident:

  • Crane Operator: The person responsible for operating the crane may be held liable if the accident was caused by operator error, negligence, or failure to follow proper safety protocols.
  • Crane Owner: The owner of the crane may be held liable if the accident resulted from inadequate maintenance, lack of proper inspections, or failure to provide a safe and well-functioning crane.
  • Crane Manufacturer: If the crane accident was caused by a design defect, manufacturing defect, or inadequate warning labels or instructions, the manufacturer of the crane might be held liable.
  • Construction Company/Contractor: The company or contractor overseeing the construction project where the crane was being used could be held liable if they failed to implement proper safety measures, provided inadequate training for crane operators, or disregarded safety regulations.
  • Property Owner: In some cases, the property owner may be held partially responsible if they were aware of hazardous conditions on their property that could contribute to the crane accident but failed to address them.
  • Maintenance and Inspection Companies: If the accident was caused by a lack of proper maintenance or inadequate inspections of the crane, the companies responsible for these tasks may be held liable.
  • Other Contractors/Subcontractors: If other contractors or subcontractors working on the same site contributed to the accident through their actions or negligence, they could be held liable.
  • Regulatory Agencies: In cases where it is determined that regulatory agencies failed to enforce safety regulations or adequately inspect the crane and construction site, they might also be held liable to some extent.

At Keith Silverstein & Associates, we will investigate the accident to determine who is liable. If more than one party is liable, we will work to hold all of the responsible parties accountable. We will also work to ensure that all liable parties are able to contribute to the settlement or verdict so that you do not have to shoulder the entire financial burden.

Why Choose Keith Silverstein & Associates to Represent You?

Our NYC crane accident attorneys at Keith Silverstein & Associates understand that you have already been through an extremely traumatic experience. You may be dealing with serious injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and more. You do not need to deal with the stress of filing a lawsuit, too. That is why we will work to obtain all the necessary evidence and information to build your case. We will fight to obtain a fair settlement or verdict so that you can move on with your life.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a crane accident, you should immediately reach out to our firm for legal guidance. Contact us online or call (646) 813-3922 to request a free case review.


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