The Fall Season Can Cause Hazardous Road Conditions

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While many New York residents love the fall weather, it can actually be dangerous for drivers. This is because the fall season is often accompanied by a change in weather and road conditions. Those who do not take the seasonal changes into account when driving could be more at risk of causing a car accident.

As the temperatures begin to drop, the leaves begin to change color and fall. Leaf litter that covers the roadways can hide certain road hazards, such as potholes or major bumps. Further, when it rains, the leaves can soak up the water and make the roads as slick as ice. Drivers also have to watch out for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists who may be paying more attention to the changing leaves than to where they are going. The rain itself can be dangerous as it often pools on top of roads, creating a hydroplane risk.

Some areas may experience foggy or icy mornings as the temperatures become even colder in the mornings. Fog greatly reduces visibility for drivers. Some try to mitigate the effects of fog by turning on their high beams. However, this often just causes the light to bounce off the water particles in the air, reducing visibility even further.

All drivers are responsible for not only following the rules of the road but for driving safely depending on the road conditions. For example, if the roads are wet or the fog is thick, drivers are responsible for slowing down and being extra cautious. If a negligent driver fails to slow down or drives in a reckless manner and causes a car accident, those who were injured could file a personal injury claim against the at-fault motorist. An attorney could investigate the case to determine the full amount of damages that should be sought.