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Trampoline risks and injuries

Parents in New York may have cause to be wary of allowing their children to use trampolines. According to a study conducted by Indiana University, trampolines were responsible for an estimated 288,876 fractures between 2002 and 2011. Overall, injuries sustained on trampolines resulted in over $1 billion being spent for emergency room visits.

Types of ankle injuries in slip-and-fall accidents

Some individuals in the New York City metro area might suffer from an ankle injury after a slip-and-fall accident. Ankle injuries can occur when a person trips over an object or tries to break a fall after a slip. In doing so, they twist the ankle. This could result in a sprain, a fracture, or torn tendons or ligaments.

How ride manufacturers insure themselves against accidents

People in the New York City metro area might wonder who would be liable if they were injured in an amusement park accident. In some cases, it might be the manufacturer of the equipment, and manufacturers are insured against this type of incident. However, when an accident does occur, liability must be determined. The operator may be responsible if riders were not safely buckled in or if the weight limits were disregarded.

Large settlement for woman injured in building collapse

New York residents might have heard about a building collapse that killed seven people in Philadelphia in 2013. Another 12 people were injured, and on May 26, one woman's attorney reported that she had been awarded $95.6 million in damages.

Injuries at large retailers

Trips and falls at big box stores in New York and around the country are very common. Walmart, which is one of the companies that is most frequently sued by people who are injured at one of their locations, has been estimated to face 5,000 lawsuits each year. This works out to about 13 lawsuits per day, and many other retailers, like Target and Costco, face a number of suits as well.

Ice and lingering snow create dangerous conditions after storm

New York residents are likely aware of the hassles caused by a major snowstorm. On March 15, a man was injured when he was hit in the head by a chunk of ice that fell from a building while he was walking on 48th Street. He had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. In response, the area was closed off by firefighters to prevent anyone else from getting hurt.

Complex skateboarding liability

Skateboarding is a common recreational activity in New York. It is also considered a relatively high-risk sport, and there is a possibility of serious injury while skateboarding. This risk has given skateboarding a great deal of legal attention as premises liability laws may factor into a lawsuit related to skateboarding injuries.

Many New York winter resorts use ageing ski lifts

Many New York residents are passionate about winter sports, and the Northeastern United States is home to some of the nation's best ski resorts. Getting to the top of the steepest slopes usually involves long ski lift rides, and some safety advocates are concerned about the age of the equipment used in many of the country's leading winter resorts.

Winter in New York calls for added cautions

With winter quickly approaching, the risk of slipping and falling while at work or shopping increases. Business owners should take precautionary steps to help prevent the likelihood of people being injured while on their premises, and customers should be on the lookout for hazards that may be caused by the build-up of snow and ice.

City pays biggest Rikers Island inmate lawsuit yet

The city of New York agreed on Sept. 27, 2016 to pay $5.75 million to settle a lawsuit resulting from the 2013 death of mentally ill Rikers Island inmate Bradley Ballard. At the time of his eventual rescue, Ballard was found covered in his own urine and feces after being locked in a cell with no water for six days. The settlement is the largest the city has ever paid to resolve a case of the death of an inmate in custody.

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