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Contradictions about distracted driving

It is clear that distracted driving is dangerous and related to a significant number of accidents on roads in New York and across the country. Despite the evidence, there are contradictions among people's opinions. While many of them say distracted driving related to cell phone use is dangerous and should be illegal, many still do it and claim a high degree of confidence in their ability to avoid accidents.

NHTSA study highlights the benefits of safety systems

New York residents who drive older vehicles may be wise to consider trading them in for something more modern according to a 2013 research paper from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While properly maintained older cars can provide years of faithful service, they offer far less protection in a collision according to NHTSA researchers who studied fatal crash statistics gathered by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System between 2005 and 2011.

Distracted driving is a growing problem in New York

Distracted driving accidents claim thousands of lives around the country each year, and the problem has become more serious in recent years as Americans have become more reliant on their cellphones. In 2013 alone, distracted driving crashes killed 3,154 road users and left more than 400,000 others injured according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but road safety advocates say that this kind of accident is underreported and that the true figures are likely much higher.

The fall season can cause hazardous road conditions

While many New York residents love the fall weather, it can actually be dangerous for drivers. This is because the fall season is often accompanied by a change in weather and road conditions. Those who do not take the seasonal changes into account when driving could be more at risk for causing a car accident.

Warning system cuts car accident and injury rates

A technology shown to cut the rate of car accidents could benefit New York City drivers. The technology is generally called a lane departure warning system. These devices monitor the lanes on a road and provide a beep or seat vibration when the vehicle begins leaving the lane. If the driver fails to respond, some of these devices can also use braking or steering systems to keep the car in its lane. Research carried out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety confirmed the system produces lower rates of car collision and serious injury.

Crash injury prevention: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Like most people, you probably don't spend too much time thinking about car accidents. You likely already know how important it is to abstain from drinking and driving, to buckle up and to drive the speed limit. If you are a parent of a teen who has a driver's license, you may worry a bit more than childless individuals about the increased likelihood of accident, but for the most part, you may not give the issues of motor vehicle crashes much thought.

Increased speed limits lead to more fatalities

Speed limits in New York and around the country have been rising since 1995. However, according to research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this caused an estimated 33,000 road fatalities between 1993 and 2013. The increase resulted in an additional 1,900 deaths in 2013 alone.

Steps to take after an auto accident

New York City car accidents can happen at any time. Even when motorists are driving responsibly, they could be hit by another car in any number of circumstances. There are a number of things for people who are in a car crash to keep in mind in order to protect their interests.

Child mortality rates due to auto crashes

New York parents should know that the highest rate of child motor vehicle deaths is found inthe South, while the Northeast has the lowest rate. The study conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Harvard University also found that the occurrences of the fatalities are often linked to the incorrect use of seat belts.

Medical evidence in car accident lawsuits

Car accident victims in New York and around the country are generally required to prove two key elements when they pursue civil remedies. They must establish that the accident was the fault of the defendant, and they must also prove that they suffered injury, loss or damage as a result. The damages awarded in car accident lawsuits are largely based on the severity of the injuries suffered by the plaintiff, and detailed records of expenses like medical bills and lost wages are often used to help juries better understand the financial costs of these injuries.

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