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Types of ankle injuries in slip-and-fall accidents

Some individuals in the New York City metro area might suffer from an ankle injury after a slip-and-fall accident. Ankle injuries can occur when a person trips over an object or tries to break a fall after a slip. In doing so, they twist the ankle. This could result in a sprain, a fracture, or torn tendons or ligaments.

A sprain or strain also involves the ligaments. If they are torn or injured in some way, a person could have a limited range of motion for several months. A fracture or break might include the lower leg bones. This type of injury could lead to a permanent loss of function. In other injuries, the cartilage or tendons could be torn. This generally has a similar recovery trajectory to a sprain or strain.

Stand up against hazardous property conditions

A slip-and-fall accident can happen in a split second. Unfortunately, the negative impacts of such an accident last much longer. These include the physical pain you may suffer after slipping and falling on someone else's property along with the financial losses that such an accident may cause you.

Each year, thousands of pedestrians end up suffering serious injuries in slip-and-fall accidents that send them to hospital emergency rooms. Business owners in New York have a responsibility to keep up their properties to avoid creating hazardous property conditions for members of the public. Unfortunately, some fail to do this, and they may be held liable if you are hurt as a result of their carelessness.

How ride manufacturers insure themselves against accidents

People in the New York City metro area might wonder who would be liable if they were injured in an amusement park accident. In some cases, it might be the manufacturer of the equipment, and manufacturers are insured against this type of incident. However, when an accident does occur, liability must be determined. The operator may be responsible if riders were not safely buckled in or if the weight limits were disregarded.

In April 2017, a relatively small accident in California on the opening day of a water park caused several areas in the park to be closed. A boy suffered minor injuries after he was thrown onto concrete from a water slide. However, some accidents may lead to serious injuries or might even be fatal. In 2016, a boy was killed on a Kansas water ride. The family reached a settlement with the raft manufacturers and the park owners and operators that was believed to be around $20 million although the exact figure was not disclosed.

Large settlement for woman injured in building collapse

New York residents might have heard about a building collapse that killed seven people in Philadelphia in 2013. Another 12 people were injured, and on May 26, one woman's attorney reported that she had been awarded $95.6 million in damages.

This was the biggest part of an overall settlement of $227 million. The woman's legs and part of her lower torso had to be amputated. The incident occurred at a Salvation Army store where the woman was shopping. A vacant building was being demolished nearby, and debris from that hit the store. The woman was trapped for 13 hours under rubble, and because of the toxic material she breathed in that time, she also suffered kidney and lung damage. Later, a breathing tube damaged her throat, and she was unable to speak afterward. Her family members hoped to use the money from the settlement to remove her from a nursing home to live with them.

Child mortality rates due to auto crashes

New York parents should know that the highest rate of child motor vehicle deaths is found inthe South, while the Northeast has the lowest rate. The study conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Harvard University also found that the occurrences of the fatalities are often linked to the incorrect use of seat belts.

The study not only examined the state trends in fatalities to children under the age of 15 due to motor vehicle crashes, it also considered the variations in geography and state statutes and regulations. During the 2010 to 2014 time period that was the focus of the study, there were 2,885 child fatalities from motor vehicle accidents.

Sleep apnea and truck accidents: how are they related?

There are certain medical conditions that make it unsafe for people to drive unless they seek medical treatment. Commercial truck drivers, in order to keep their jobs, must meet certain health standards. Authorities simply mean this as a safety measure, as truck accidents tend to have severe, if not fatal, consequences. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers seek medical help or use prescribed treatment. If you or a loved one have suffered because of the choices of a non-compliant truck driver, you may have legal recourse.

Settlement reached in Takata airbag class action lawsuit

Millions of vehicle owners around the country will be compensated by car makers for installing faulty airbags and dragging their feet over fixing the issue if a federal court approves a $553 settlement agreement. Toyota, BMW, Subaru and Mazda have agreed to pay the sum to end a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of 15.8 million consumers, many of whom reside in New York. Media outlets reported news of the settlement on May 18.

The largest vehicle recall in U.S. history was triggered when reports emerged of airbags exploding with so much force that they sprayed passenger compartments with dangerous debris. The problem has claimed at least 16 lives and injured many more people worldwide.

J&J ordered to pay $110 to woman who developed cancer

New York residents who use talc-based products in their daily regimen may be interested to learn that, on May 4, a major company was ordered to pay damages to a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer after using the company's products for decades. This lawsuit was just one of about 2,400 similar lawsuits that had been filed against the company claiming that the warnings about cancer risks were not adequate.

The Virginia woman claimed that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 after using Johnson & Johnson products that contained talc. The cancer reportedly spread to her liver and required chemotherapy.

Product liability cases involving robots

New York residents are likely aware that manufacturers use robots to increase productivity and lower costs, but they may not know that autonomous machines are also used by police departments, farmers, hospitals and restaurants. Robots can save the lives of workers by performing dangerous tasks or operating in hazardous environments, but they can also cause severe injuries when things go wrong. Individuals injured by robots may file product liability lawsuits against the companies that built or programmed them, and many observers expect this kind of litigation to become more common in the years ahead.

Robots are used to perform thousands of surgical operations each year because they reduce risks by working deftly and quickly and allow medical specialists to treat more patients. However, they have also been known to seriously injure patients. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Illinois and the Rush University Medical Center studied more than 1.7 million robotic procedures carried out over a 14-year period, and they found that robots had caused more than 1,000 injuries and in excess of 140 deaths.

Three ways to avoid scaffolding injuries

If the number of cranes across the skyline is any indication, the construction industry in New York City is still going strong despite news of interest rate hikes earlier this year. This optimism applies to both the residential and commercial construction markets.  With all the construction projects currently going or expected to start in 2017, it is important for contractors and construction workers across the city must adhere to safety rules involving scaffolds.

Indeed, construction sites are inherently dangerous, but it is always surprising how many workers are injured in falls. It only takes a fall from six feet above ground to cause serious injuries. So for every foot higher in the air a worker is working, the chances of suffering a fatal injury increase.

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